January 25, 2009

Missy - "Lost & Found"

Missy – “Lost & Found”
ACEO size: 2½” X 3½”
Oil on canvas panel
January 2009

We had a lovely extended Holiday visit with my family this year, and while we were gone we left our cat, “Missy” with our usual pet boarding company. When we returned we discovered that there had been a mix-up, and Missy had been mistakenly given to the wrong owners, only to have her run away from them after 3 days. We were totally distraught to say the least. We made out flyers and passed them around wherever we could think to leave them. But time passed and because it had been a week since she had disappeared into the woods, we were beginning to loose hope that we would ever see her again. Then we received a phone call letting us know that she had been found. We rushed out to get her and were so very happy to bring her home safe and sound once more. She had lost a lot of weight, and was much traumatized from her ordeal, but she has since recovered very nicely to her “happy-go-very-lucky” old self. In celebration of her return I did this little ACEO oil painting of her in the snow.