July 30, 2009

"Casualty of War"

“Casualty of War”
Cat & toy mouse have a war
SFA miniature painting – size 3½” X 5½”
Watercolor, acrylic & colored pencil
Watercolor heavy weight paper
5X7 single black mat with foam core backer included
(The inside opening of the mat is 3”X 5”).
July 2009

Casualty of War

The young gray cat and the little toy mouse
Fought a terrible war in the grass by the house.
The battle raged on ‘till the shank of the noon
And the end arrived not a moment too soon.

With his stuffing pulled out from a previous patch
And one eye hanging from where it used to attach,
The little toy mouse with his energy spent
Spoke with a lisp, for his whiskers were bent.

The cat was listening with his ears perked up high
While the mouse assured that he would not die,
Said: “It was so much fun but I’m feeling a mess,
So I’m wondering now if we could just play chess.”

Lynn B

(A printed version of my poem is included with purchase.)