July 26, 2009

"Yin Yang Kittens"

“Yin Yang Kittens”
A study in relationships
4” X 4” – miniature painting
Acrylic paint on a canvas panel
Edges are painted black
July 2009

This pair of oriental kittens sleep together with their bodies forming the Yin Yang symbol for the balanced universe.
I have always loved this symbol because it means a lot to me. It always seems to be the opposing elements that attract us the most and hold us together. Things that are the same or similar are interesting enough, but things that are completely opposite create excitement and energy creating the “glue” to hold each other together in the balanced dance of life. This seems to me to be true for everything in life from complimentary colors of paint to different types of people.
I am celebrating these interlacing differences with this miniature painting. This is an idea I had some time ago, and I have been playing around with the design for so long that I decided it was time to actually DO something with it. I of course chose a pair of oriental kittens for the Yin and the Yang; it seemed to make the most sense. I had lots of fun with it and I hope that you will enjoy it too. This is a small format 4” X 4” miniature acrylic painting on a canvas panel.
It also occurs to me that this painting could be hung in any direction and still be a good composition. (This is true except for my signature which designates which way I choose to view it.)