August 12, 2009

"Calla Lily Kitty Cat Fairy"

“Calla Lily Kitty Cat Fairy”
Image size: 5” X 7”
Paper size: 5 ½” X 7 ½”
Watercolor & acrylic paint
Stonehenge 90lb paper
Date of completion: August 2009
8” X 10” single black matt included with purchase.

These Calla Lily flowers have always amazed me. There is something magical about them. I saw my first one in the woods while my husband and I were traveling in upper Minnesota. It took my breath away and I never forgot that flower posed so majestically in the forest.
But I’m thinking if you watch them carefully and for a long time, you might see some visitors to them that will prove just how magical they really are.
I was sent a picture of a beautiful Oriental white cat that was in such an amazing pose that I knew I wanted to do something with this cat pose, but it took awhile for the idea to come to me. I loved the way his tail was positioned and knew that it reminded me of something. Then when I saw another Calla Lily, I realized that it was so reflective of the Calla Lily flower, and the rest was just magic.