August 7, 2009

"Seahorse & Mermice Races"

“Seahorse & Mermice Races”
ACEO painting – size 2½” X 3½”
Acrylic, watercolor & colored pencil
Stonehenge 90lb paper
August 2009

From the Coral Reef Times:
It’s time for the annual Coral Reef Thoroughbred Seahorse races. The winner for this year is “Seabiscuit & Marty Mermouse”. Due to Seabiscuit’s champion breeding and his exceptional training along with Marty’s outstanding jockey talents, the pair easily took first place in this year’s event. Mermice have proved to be the best jockeys because they are so small and nimble. They are heading for the winner’s circle now to except their well deserved trophy.