September 16, 2009

"White Kitten & Bumble Bee"

“White Kitten & Bumble Bee”
Original ACEO sized painting - 2½” X 3½”
Watercolor and acrylic paint
Strathmore illustration board
September 2009

“Good Morning Mr. Bumble Bee.
How do you do today?
Promise not to sting on me,
And we can go and play.”

Bumble Bee:
“The morning sun is on the ridge.
The fields are full of dew.
Let’s romp and play and have some fun,
I’d never sting on you.

Sometimes I do a little painting that just cries out for a poem or story. This one wanted to be a simple children’s poem. I print my little story or poem on an aceo sized card (shown in the pictures above) and include it with the art.