October 10, 2009

"The Angel's Cat"

“The Angel’s Cat”
Acrylic 5"X7" small format painting
Iridescent gold acrylic paint on the halos
Raymar canvas wrapped panel
October 2009

Shortly after I finished my painting of the “Dark Angel Kitten” there came a cry from behind my bedroom window in the middle of the night. We woke up and discovered a small approximately four month old kitten scared and hungry and needing some shelter. After much deliberation we took him a bowl of food on the porch which he proceeded to gobble down in no time. In the morning he was still there on the porch curled up and shivering. Our hearts melted and we took him in. He clung to us afraid he would be put out again.
It’s been about a week now and we definitely have a new kitten. Living out in the country we have witnessed lots of people dumping unwanted kittens along the road leaving them to fend for themselves and find a new home or cease to exist. That’s actually how we got our other cat “Missy”, who is now a few years old. Well, he’s very comfortable with us now and running all over and playing with toys and learning how to be a cat. And because he looks very much like my childhood cat (yellow tabby male) I named him “George” in honor of my first loved pet.

Because of all of this I was thinking that there definitely is a higher power that takes care of all His creatures. He sends out His angels to watch and protect over all of His children. That’s were the idea for this painting came from.