October 2, 2009

"Dark Angel Kitten"

“Dark Kitten Angel”
Black oriental kitten as an angel
4”X6” OSWOA – original small work of art
Acrylic paint on a prepared hardboard panel
Iridescent gold acrylic paint in the halo
October 2009

I just HAD to do one more (at least) of this beautiful black oriental cat. There is something about this cat that inspires me. I wonder why there are so many negative thoughts that seem to surround the black cat. Some of the sweetest cats I have known have been black. Especially the last one we had the privilege of taking care of for a while. His name was "Tom" and although his stay with us was short, it was also very sweet and we miss him.
So I decided to make this black cat into an angel kitten in honor of "Tom" who is now gracing heaven with his delightful personality. The role of "Angel" seems to suit him and he accepts it well.