November 12, 2009

"Siamese Cat, Rose Garden & Bumble Bee"

“Siamese Cat in Rose Garden & Bumble Bee”
Original oil painting
4” X 6” gesso prepared hardboard panel (masonite) - ¼” thick
Original Small Work of Art - ®OSWOA
November 2009

This young Siamese cat has found something very interesting in the rose garden. I hope his curiosity doesn’t get him stung.

I have been trying out different support panels for oil painting. This one is 4”X6” – official ®OSWOA size (stands for original small work of art). It is ¼” thick hardboard (masonite) that I applied 3 coats of gesso to with a light sanding in between coats. It is very smooth. I haven’t decided yet if I like a smooth surface or a canvas surface. Both surfaces have their merits. So I guess I’ll just keep experimenting as long as I have these supports I might as well use them. This painting can be framed in a 4” X 6” frame.