November 4, 2009

"Unicorn Foal & Pink Flowers"

“Unicorn Foal & Pink Flowers”
A newborn Unicorn in a field with pink flowers
Small Format Oil painting
5” X 7” - Raymar canvas covered hardboard panel (masonite)- ¼” thick
October 2009

A new born Unicorn foal plays in the field and has just noticed some brightly colored flowers. He wonders if they are very good to eat.
I took a painting that I had done in January of this year and painted over it. It was called “Little Brown Pony”. (see previous post here) It had turned out a little too dark for me and it didn’t sell so I felt free to alter it. This time I turned it into a little light colored Palomino Unicorn foal. I worked on the lights and contrasting darks and also changing the flowers to pink instead of white.