April 28, 2009

"Spring Mouse & Cat Nap"

“Spring Mouse & Cat Nap”
Kitten & Mouse asleep
5½” X 7½”
Acrylic paint
Arches 140lb hot press watercolor paper
April 2009

Pooped out from their game of chase, these two playmates take an afternoon nap under the new spring flowers.

April 7, 2009

"Jelly Bean Mouse"

“Jelly Bean Mouse”
ACEO original painting - 2½” X 3½”
Acrylic paint, graphite pencil and watercolor pencil
Stonehenge 90lb paper
April 2009

This happy little mouse has found a big pile of jelly beans. He is just munching down on his favorite flavor. For a great afternoon treat, there is nothing like a big green jelly bean!

April 5, 2009

"Red Rose & Siamese Cat"

“Red Rose & Siamese Cat”
Acrylic paint and watercolor
5 ½” X 7½”
Arches 140lb Hot Press watercolor paper
April 2009

Here’s another painting in my cats and flowers series. This one is a Siamese cat and a red rose. The colors seem to “sing” together, and I am really pleased with this one. Roses are my favorite flowers and I used to have a cat that was very similar to this one. If you look very close you might see a slight reflection of the rose in the cat’s eye.