April 1, 2010

"Hummingbird's Nest"

Original oil painting
4”X6” - OSWOA® - original small work of art
Canvas panel
Date of work - March 2010

This small format oil painting is of a buff-bellied hummingbird caring for her young in her nest. I love the way they make their nests with very tiny things (like spider webs etc.) and then cover the nest with lichens for camouflage. This little painting is done on a very fine weave canvas covered panel which has a very nice miniature feeling. It is 4”X6” in size this size is also called an ®OSWOA which stands for “original small work of art”. It is a registered and widely collected art size.

I’ve cleaned up my hummingbird feeders and made a batch of hummingbird food for them last night. This morning I hung them outside and am now waiting for those beautiful little guys to show up. They are a source of constant entertainment for us during the spring, summer and most of the fall. We have a feeder right outside our bedroom window were we can watch them do battle over who gets to claim the feeder. We mostly have Ruby Throated hummingbirds here in Arkansas, but I have seen several other varieties when I lived in Texas and in California. This painting I did is of a buff bellied hummingbird which is mostly found in Texas.