May 21, 2010

"His Majesty in the Sunset"

“His Majesty in the Sunset”

Original oil painting

6”X8” painting

Gesso treated Stonehenge paper

An 8”X10” matt with a 5”X7” opening is included.

May 2010


This regal white oriental cat sits on his red velvet cushion and soaks in the sun’s last rays.

For me this was another exercise in balancing primary colors and I think it turned out rather well.

I already had some gesso treated paper so I used it for this painting. I included a matt with this one both because I like to send original art done on paper in a matt for more protection in the mail and also because even though it is an oil painting, it is done on paper, so it needs to be matted and behind glass.

Also, I took pictures of this painting with my camera instead of scanning it like I always do. It was still a little tacky and I wanted to go ahead and get it online now, so I used my camera. When it is drier I will scan it too so I can create prints of it because I like to make prints from a high resolution scan rather than from a photograph. They just seems to turn out much nicer that way.