May 28, 2010

"Midnight Crow & Full Moon"

“Midnight Crow & Full Moon”
Original oil painting
5½”X7½” painting
Gesso treated 300lb Arches watercolor paper
An 8”X10” matt with a 5”X7” opening is included.
May 2010

I love to look at the stars at night, and for me, there is always something very spiritual about a full moon. It seems to bring out a strong feeling in me of my connection with the universe and with all the creatures of this world.

I’m still using up my stash of gesso treated papers. This one is done on gesso treated Arches 300lb watercolor paper. It seems to be a perfect support for this technique. I enjoyed that colors and the theme of this mystical subject matter.

I included a matt with this one both because I like to send original art done on paper in a matt for more protection in the mail and also because even though it is an oil painting, it is done on paper, so it needs to be matted and behind glass.