July 1, 2010

"The Louisiana Brown Pelican"

“The Louisiana Brown Pelican”
Original ACEO drawing
2½” X 3½” – (official ACEO size)
Colored pencil & watercolor
Stonehenge 90lb paper
June 2010
SOLD - thank you for your donation

This is a more realistic colored pencil drawing of the Louisiana Brown Pelican in a sea of beautiful blue water. I am hoping that this will not become a thing of the past. I am so very mad about this oil slick and how it is killing these beautiful animals. I am going to start having at least one piece of art a week that will be of these birds or some other of these innocent creatures now fighting for their lives in the Gulf of Mexico, and I will have them listed for auction on Ebay with a percentage that goes to one of the organizations that are working to save them.

My heart breaks when I see those pictures of the Brown Pelicans all covered in oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I drew this piece with a very heavy heart. Oil, water, and brown pelicans do not mix, and I am afraid for the future of these and other animals affected by the oil spill. I am making 50% this listing sale to be donated to the Humane Society of Louisiana, because I heard that they are helping in the effort to save the brown pelicans, and I’m thinking that every little bit will help.
Thank you for caring about these and other animals in the wake of this devastating disaster.

50%% of the sale price of this little ACEO drawing will be donated to the Humane Society of Louisiana.
To find out more about the LA Humane Society and their efforts in the Gulf or to make a donation directly to the Louisiana Humane Society you can do so at the following web site:


The Humane Society of Louisiana in coordination with Clearwater Wildlife Sanctuary has set up a Standby Wildlife Transport Team, as requested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The mission of the Team is to transport supplies and cargo from coastal locations to supportive wildlife care facilities.
65% of all oil spill donations go to Clearwater Wildlife Sanctuary
35% of all oil spill donations go to the Humane Society of Louisiana