July 27, 2010

"Sea Turtle of the Gulf"

“Sea Turtle II”
Animals from the Gulf of Mexico series
Small format painting – 4”X6”
Artist’s oil paint
Hardboard prepared panel --⅛" thick
July 2010

I am listing at least one piece of art a week that will be of these or other animals of the Gulf of Mexico who are now fighting for their lives, and I have them listed for auction with a percentage that goes to one of the organizations that are working to save them.

There are 5 species of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and 4 of them were endangered before the oil spill. My heart breaks when I see those pictures of these animals all covered in oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil, water, and sea turtles do not mix, and I am afraid for the future of these and other animals affected by the oil spill.

I am making 25% this listing sale to be donated to the National Wildlife Federation, because they are making excellent efforts to save these already endangered animals. I had to lower my previous percentage some, but I’m thinking that every little bit will help. Thank you for caring about these and other animals in the wake of this devastating disaster.

25% of the sale price of this little ACEO painting will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation. To find out more about the National Wildlife Federation and their efforts in the Gulf or to make a donation directly to the NWF you can do so at the following web site: