September 11, 2010

"White Siamese Cat & Fall Flowers"

“White Siamese Cat & Fall Flowers”
Small format painting – 4”X4”
Artist’s oil paint
Canvas panel --⅛" thick
Edges painted for nice display without frame
Finished with oil retouch varnish
September 2010
SOLD - Thank you

A white Siamese cat poses delicately in a batch of fall flowers.

My feelings about small works of art and miniatures:
To me there is something so special about a painting that is small enough to hold in your hand. Its very size demands the closeness of touch. By holding it, you experience the act of caressing and it becomes immediately personal which creates the experience of a close relationship. Your eyes are forced to observe it up close and you feel a direct connection with the artist’s process of creation. This is more like the experience of being involved rather than of just observing.
Small works of art so lovingly created always seem to touch my heart.