October 6, 2010

"Frog Prince & Snail Steed"

“Frog Prince & Snail Steed”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – official aceo size
Artist’s acrylic paint
Canvas hardboard panel – ⅛” thick
Edges painted black - story included
October 2010
Sold - thank you 

Halloween Story:
Once upon a Halloween evening there was a very handsome prince riding through the woods on his beautiful white steed.  All of a sudden a witch appeared in front of him and asked the Halloween question: “Trick or Treat?”  Since he didn’t happen to have any treats with him he had to answer: “Trick”.
So the wicked witch turned him into a golden frog and his horse into a candy corn snail. Then she gave each a new hat to remember her by and flew away in the sunset on her broomstick.