January 23, 2010

"Dreaming of Spring"

“Dreaming of Spring”
Aceo size - 2½” X 3½” - ⅛” thick
(also called: ATC – artist’s trading card)
Watercolor, graphite pencil, acrylic
Two layers – smooth bristol board & Crescent matt board
January 2010

This ACEO sized painting is done in a decorative style.
It started out with a little drawing that I had done on a small piece of very smooth bristol board. I was enjoying the smoothness of the bristol board and the way my watercolor and my pencil glided over the surface. I decided that I wanted to complete the drawing and make it into an aceo sized piece, so I mounted the bristol board drawing to an aceo sized piece of navy blue Crescent matt board, and continued the floral design onto the matt board. I finished the piece with a thin coat of matt fixative.

January 22, 2010

"Winter Colors"

“Winter Colors”
Deer in a winter snow storm
ACEO original painting - 2½” X 3½”
Watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic paint
Hot Press watercolor 140lb paper
January 2010

This lovely deer in caught in a winter storm. He is temporarily hidden from the hunters in a soft blanket of white.

January 13, 2010

"Red Fox Twilight Moon"

“Red Fox Twilight Moon”
SFA – (small format art) - 4½” X 6½”
Mixed Media: watercolor, acrylic & colored pencil
Stonehenge 90lb paper
8”X10” single black matt included
January 2010

On a cool twilight evening this red fox finds a cozy place to hide in the tall prairie grass while the harvest moon watches from above.

I love this mixed media combination. When I was a little girl about 8 years old I received a package of Prismacolor colored pencils for my birthday. I have the fondest memories of sitting cross legged on my bed and sketching with them for hours. It was the first art supply that I fell in love with and although I have used many other art supplies, I always return to the colored pencil as my “comfort media”. In the last 15 years I have enjoyed using them in combination with watercolor and acrylic to achieve many carefully applied layers of transparent color and special effects.

January 11, 2010

Blue Bird & Snow Berries

“Blue Bird & Snow Berries”
Blue bird & snow covered berries
®OSWOA (original small work of art)
Mixed media – watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, & acrylic paint
Canson heavy weight drawing paper
January 2010
Finished with acrylic varnish

Blue birds and cardinals are so pretty in the snow. We have many feeders and I love to watch them, take pictures of them, and to sketch and paint them. I started this one in pastel pencil then used watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic paint with a final coat of acrylic semi-gloss varnish for protection.

January 7, 2010

"Snow-girl in Pink Corset"

“Snow-girl in Pink Corset”
Original - mixed media
ACEO size - 2½” X 3½”
Watercolor and colored pencil
Stonehenge 90lb paper
January 2010

Sally snow-girl achieves that fresh spring look even in the snow by downing her pink straw hat and her lovely new pink corset. She is sure to attract many a young snow-boy’s eye with this new fashion.