February 25, 2010

"Behind the Tulips"

“Behind the Tulips”
Oriental cat & tulip blossoms
5”X7”- Oil painting
Raymar canvas panel (Canvas mounted to hardboard)
Ready to frame in a 5”X7” frame
February 2010

A white Oriental cat peers out from behind a cluster of pink tulip blossoms.
The tulips are reflected in the cat’s eyes.

A light coat of varnish has been applied to this finished painting.

This is another piece in my “Cats & Flowers” theme. It also fits in an older theme that I had that was called “Cat’s Eye View”.

February 18, 2010

"Snow Bunnies"

“Snow Bunnies”
A winter composition with two snow bunnies
Oil on 4”X4” canvas panel
February 2010

The color white is never really white. White is like a blank canvas waiting for the light to apply the colors. I especially like the blues and purples that are found in snow.

February 16, 2010

"Polar Bear Parade"

“Polar Bear Parade”
Oil paint – canvas panel
®OSWOA (original small work of art)
February 2010
“Were we going, Mom?”

Three polar bear cubs promenade behind their mother’s lead. It is nearing sunset and the colors begin to reflect on their coats.

February 2, 2010

"Life Goes On" Polar bear mom and her cubs

“Life Goes On”
Polar bear mother protects her two young cubs
Pastel painting
Strathmore 100% rag gray charcoal paper
Paper size: 6”X8”
Image size: 5”X7”
Date of work: February 2010
An 8”X10” single black matt included

Faced with every kind of imaginable adversity, life always seems to find a way to go on. Such is the very nature of life.

This theme of polar bear mom and cubs seems to be one of my favorite subjects. There is such a tenderness there that touches my heart. I have to say that the actual pastel painting looks much better than my scan. There seems to be something happening with the scanner and the pastel media that produces a “grainy” appearance that is really not in the original pastel painting.