February 17, 2011

"Behind the Daffodils"

“Behind the Daffodils”
Daffodils & mouse
Original ACEO painting
2½” X 3½” – official aceo size
Colored pencil & watercolor
Plate bristol board - 2ply
February 2011
Sold - Thank you

The mornings are a little chilly, so it’s good to curl up behind the warmth of the daffodils.

This original aceo painting was done on plate 2ply bristol board in mostly colored pencil with a little watercolor to even out some of the tones. This bristol has the weight of a nice card stock and is a very good surface for colored pencil. A few coats of acrylic semi-gloss varnish has been applied for protection and I will be sending it in a plastic sleeve inside a clear ridged aceo holder.

Sometimes I  like to just draw with my colored pencils. This media is my “comfort media” because it was the first art material that I ever used.  I had a set of Prismacolor pencils as a child and remember some very pleasant times sitting cross legged on my bed in my room drawing with my colored pencils.  It takes a little longer to smooth the tones and achieve depth with them, but I really enjoy working with them.