June 9, 2011

"Composition with two Kittens"

“Composition with Two Kittens”
Original 5”X7” painting
Artist’s acrylic paint
Raymar canvas panel (Canvas mounted to hardboard)
Ready to frame in a 5”X7” frame
June 2011
Sold - Thank you.

I’m playing with opposites here….like dark and light, red and green soft and hard.
Opposites seem to attract and repel at the same time, much like the Yin Yang symbol.
Each one, without the other would not be as distinctive or as harmonious.

The painting is signed on the front by the artist (me) and on the back with information about the media used and the date, etc. This acrylic painting has been finished with a few coats of semi-gloss acrylic varnish.
It is on a canvas hardboard panel so it doesn’t need a matt. You can frame it in a 5”X7” frame.