June 9, 2011

"Merlyn the Magical Fluff"

“Merlyn the Magical Fluff”
Original 7”X10” painting
Acrylic paint, watercolor and colored pencil
Arches 140lb watercolor paper
Date of work: May 2011
SOLD – (commissioned work)
Merlyn was a sweet gentle silver white Persian cat with a beautiful soul which lives on somewhere in the land over the rainbow bridge where all his best wishes will come true.  His favorite thing to do in this world was to sit on his tile floor and look out the sliding glass door at all the interesting things happening in the back yard, while all the time hoping that there would be chicken in his bowl that evening. In fact he liked chicken so much that his owners often joked about maybe they should get him a fluffy pet baby chick for him to play with someday.

I was given the opportunity to create this painting for a wonderful customer with a loving heart.
Thank you so much.