July 5, 2011

"Blue Polka-Dot Mouse Tie"

“Blue Polka-dot Mouse Tie”
Original Small Format Art
Artist’s Oil Paint
6”X6” gesso treated hardboard panel
Finished with a light coat of artist oil re-touch varnish
June 2011
Sold - Thank you

Freddy received a new tie for his birthday.
It’s such a nice silk tie too in a blue color to match the sky.
Plus it has lovely white polka-dots all over it.
It is just what he always wanted.

I used oil paint on a gesso treated 6”X6”hardboard panel.
It has a light coat of artist oil re-touch applied as a finish.

I have been working on a commission these past two weeks.
I’m almost finished and will post the results here when it is completed.
Thank you so much for your interest in my art.