September 27, 2011

Encounter in the Woods

“Encounter in the Woods”
Original 3¼”X5¼” painting
Watercolor, colored pencil & acrylic paint
Artist’s sketch paper mounted to card stock
5”X7” single black matt with foam core backer included
September 2011
Sold - Thank you

“He came into the world in the middle of the thicket, in one of those little, hidden forest glades which seem to be entirely open but are really screened in on all sides.  There was very little room in it, scarcely enough for him and his mother........."
(but later he began to explore more of his world and met other creatures living in his woods)

This last month I have been doing some reading and among other things I happened to pick up a copy of the original version of “Bambi”.  And it is such a wonderful book. It is called “Bambi – A Life in the Woods”, by Felix Salten.  Although there are very similar elements in it as the Disney version, the actual story is much more fascinating. I loved it and recommend this book to all ages.
This has also inspired me to do some things with deer and creatures of the woods.

The total paper size of this painting is approximately 3¼”X5¼”.
The opening in the matt is 3”X5”.
The outside of the matt is 5”X7”
It is ready for a 5”X7”frame.