October 4, 2011

"Making New Friends"

“Making New Friends”
Bambi, Faline & Gobo meet in the meadow
Original Small Format Art
Artist’s Oil Paint
5”X7” prepared Raymar canvas hardboard panel
October 2011
Sold - Thank you

“The children stood stock-still and stared at each other, Gobo close beside Faline and Bambi in front of him.  None of them stirred.  They stood and gaped.
 ‘Run along,’ said Bambi’s mother, ‘you’ll soon be friends.’”

This is another painting I made based on  the book “Bambi – A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten. 

I used professional artist’s oil paint on a gesso treated Raymar 5”X 7”canvas hardboard panel. It has a few light coats of artist oil re-touch varnish applied as a finish.