April 3, 2012

"Fuzzy Wild Spring Thing"

“Fuzzy Wild Spring Thing”
Spring deco flowers, hatchling & egg
Original small format painting – approx. 3”X5”
Colored pencil & acrylic paint
On all media artists canvas
Sent to you in a black matt with a foam core backer
Opening in matt measures: 3”X5”
Outside of matt measures: 5”X7”
April 2012

In spring after the Deco flowers have bloomed and the Easter egg hunts are over, the time comes for the “Fluffy Wild Things” to be hatched.  It is said that these fluffy little creatures come from the Easter eggs that have not been found and have been hiding in the grass for a while. 

This painting was done on a piece of “Yes” all media artist canvas using colored pencil and acrylic paint. The painting is a little bigger than 3”X5” with a boarder around the edges and it has a few coats of acrylic varnish applied for a nice finish.   I will send it to you in a 5”X7” black matt with a 3”X5” opening and a foam core backer. This little painting could easily be removed from this matt if you wish to re-matted it into your own matt.