June 13, 2012

"Baby Rabbit & Roses"

 “Baby Rabbit & Roses”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – (official aceo size)
Water media casein paint & colored pencil
Strathmore illustration board - ⅛” thick
Date of work: June 2012
Sold - Thank you

Soft and fluffy meets pink and pretty.
(A study in textures)

I have never painted with casein paint before. I bought a small set of it last week and tried it out on this little aceo painting. I like the way it feels on my brush and the vibrant colors that I can use in either an opaque way or a glazing method.  I will defiantly do more with this paint.  It is a very old type of paint used  before the invention of oil paint.  It is very durable.  Some of the old master’s paintings that were done in this type of paint and have lasted for many centuries with the same beautiful vivid colors as when they were painted.  I always love to experiment and always have wanted to try this paint.