June 18, 2012

"Top of the Heap" - Two mice

 “Top of the Heap”
Original small format painting – 6”X 6”
Two mice on recycled materials
Mixed Media – papier-mâché & acrylic paint
Texture & some iridescent gold acrylic paint on recycled foam core board
Finished with acrylic varnish
June 2012
Sold - Thank you

One of the things that I love to do is papier-mâché.  I also love to take something that is used and re-fashion it into an art work.  For this piece I covered foam core that I had previously used for a painting pallet with papier-mâché and then after treating the surface with layers of gesso I used acrylic paint to create this painting of two mice having a meeting on top of some very interesting discards. For the papier-mâché I used brown paper, newspapers and paper towels.  The nature of papier-mâché always produces a lot of interesting texture that gives me ideas. For example: There is some texture that was created with paper toweling and painted with gold iridescent acrylic paint in the foreground that I call “recycled gold”.
I wrote the title and other information on the back with my signature and finished this painting with acrylic semi-gloss varnish so it can be framed in a regular 6”X 6” frame for the wall.