October 11, 2012

"Halloween Pumpkin Family"

“Halloween Pumpkin Family”
Small format miniature painting – 5 5/8 X 2 1/8 inches
Artist’s acrylic paint
Layered bristol board
Finished with acrylic varnish
October 2012
Sold - Thank you

The Pumpkin family recently had their annual portrait made together.  From left to right there’s Dad, Mom, Junior and Grandpa. They said to tell everyone: “Happy Halloween”

This is an original miniature painting done by me. It is a little smaller than 6” long and a little bigger than 2” tall.  It is made of two layers of bristol board. I was doodling on a long piece of bristol board one day and I really started to like my pumpkin drawing so I cut it out and mounted it to a little larger piece of bristol board and painted it with acrylic paint with a final coat of acrylic varnish. It is signed in the painting as well as on the back with additional information about the media used.

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