July 11, 2012

"Pink & Blue Humminbird Fantasy"

 “Pink & Blue Hummingbird Fantasy”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – (official aceo size)
Acrylic paint & colored pencil
Strathmore illustration board - ⅛” thick
Date of work: July 2012
Sold - Thank you

A single hummingbird (with blue eyes) gathers up some tasty nectar in a pink and blue fantasy garden.

July 10, 2012

"Fantasy Garden Hummingbirds"

“Fantasy Garden Hummingbirds”
Small format painting – 4”X4”
Acrylic paint
Ampersand Hardboard panel -⅛" thick
Finished with acrylic varnish
July 2012
Sold - Thank you

Two hummingbirds share some delicious nectar from
the beautiful flowers of the fantasy garden in the "Land of Lynn".

July 6, 2012

"Three Fantasy Garden Mice"

“Three Fantasy Garden Mice”
Small format painting – 4”X4”
Watercolor, colored pencil & acrylic paint
Hardboard panel -⅛" thick
Finished with acrylic varnish
July 2012
Sold - Thank you

These three little gray mice are enjoying the fantasy garden today.  The fantasy weather is just right for exploring, napping and just pain “hanging around”.

I still like these Ampersand Aquabord hardboard panels. They are very nice to work on with several different media. Because I like a smoother surface, I sand it a little before I start working. I prepare the back with one coat of gesso so I can write the information there and I like to paint the edges black so it has a nicer look to it if someone wants to display it without a frame.
After the preparation I began working first in colored pencil for the design, then watercolor for the basic color layout, and last I used acrylic paint to refine and finish the details.  It has also been varnished with acrylic semi-gloss varnish.

July 3, 2012

"Mouse, Ladybug & Roses"

 “Mouse, Ladybug & Roses”
Original small format painting
3”X5” with small border
Watercolor & colored pencil
Cold press watercolor paper
Sent to you in a black matt with a foam core backer
Opening in matt measures: 3”X5”
Outside of matt measures: 5”X7”
July 2012
Sold - Thank you

Picking a rose and making a friend…………..