October 25, 2012

"Fall Leaf Woman"

“Fall Leaf Woman”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – (official aceo size)
Watercolor, ink pen & acrylic paint on
Grid paper mounted to illustration board
Date of work: October 2012
Sold - Thank you

It is amazing to me how the changing of colors of the leaves in the fall fills me with joy and with sadness at the same time.

October 18, 2012

"Candy Corn Flowers & Mouse"

“Candy Corn Flowers & Mouse”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – (official aceo size)
Watercolor, ballpoint & acrylic paint on
140lb watercolor print paper
Date of work: October 2012
Sold - Thank you

Calvin Mouse loves to sit among the Candy Corn Flowers in the fall waiting for the harvest feast to begin. 

 I took a larger previous design and printed a portion of it on some 140lb Moab print paper.  Then using a ball point pen I recreated the new design that I had in mind by finding those little candy corn faces on the flowers and enhancing all other aspects of the mouse and background.  Thus I have created a new and completely different original aceo painting that I hope you will enjoy.

October 11, 2012

"Halloween Pumpkin Family"

“Halloween Pumpkin Family”
Small format miniature painting – 5 5/8 X 2 1/8 inches
Artist’s acrylic paint
Layered bristol board
Finished with acrylic varnish
October 2012
Sold - Thank you

The Pumpkin family recently had their annual portrait made together.  From left to right there’s Dad, Mom, Junior and Grandpa. They said to tell everyone: “Happy Halloween”

This is an original miniature painting done by me. It is a little smaller than 6” long and a little bigger than 2” tall.  It is made of two layers of bristol board. I was doodling on a long piece of bristol board one day and I really started to like my pumpkin drawing so I cut it out and mounted it to a little larger piece of bristol board and painted it with acrylic paint with a final coat of acrylic varnish. It is signed in the painting as well as on the back with additional information about the media used.

I have also listed all of my previous Halloween prints on Ebay. click on the link to Ebay to the right.

October 3, 2012

"Halloween Friends"

 “Halloween Friends”
Pumpkins & Black Kitten
Original Small Format Art - 3¼”X5¼”
Ballpoint pen & acrylic watercolor wash
Bristol board 2ply
Original date of work: October 2012
Sold - Thank you

Tom the Halloween kitten poses for his portrait with his two best pumpkin friends.

5”X7” single black matt with foam core backer included:
The total paper size of this painting is approximately 3¼”X5¼”
The opening in the matt is 3”X5”.
The outside of the matt is 5”X7”
It is ready for a 5”X7” frame but can be easily removed from this matt if you would like to have it re-matted.

October 2, 2012

"Halloween Portrait"

“Halloween Portrait”
Original ACEO painting
2½”X3½” – (official aceo size)
Acrylic paint
Strathmore Illustration board
Date of work: October 2012
Sold - Thank you

The Great Pumpkin with his best friend Pete have their Halloween portrait painted together.

October 1, 2012

"Garden Bench Cat & Mouse"

 “Garden Bench Cat & Mouse”
Original Small Format Painting
Acrylic paint on Stonehenge paper
Paper size: 5½X 7½”
Outside of matt: 8”X10”
Opening in matt: 5”X7”
Date of work: September 2012

Morty loves to nap on the garden bench and that is where you will find him everyday.  Today he has been disturbed by a small squeaking noise and must go see where it is coming from.