February 8, 2013

Hearts & Flowers Cat & Mouse

“Hearts & Flowers Cat & Mouse”
Original small format painting
4”X 6” acrylic & colored pencil
Mohab entrada 300gsm watercolor paper
February 2013
Sold - thank you

In the seasonal tradition of love, the cat and the mouse show off their newly exchanged Valentines, just before they continue the chase.

This original small format painting was done by me.  It began on another piece of paper.  I liked the way it was progressing but the paper was too thin and was not thick enough for my watercolor washes.  So I scanned and printed my unfinished painting onto a piece of my heavy weight digital watercolor paper then finished it in watercolor, colored pencil and acrylic paint.  It is finished with acrylic varnish and signed in the painting as well as on the back with additional information about the media used.