July 22, 2013

Bunny Mouse Ladybug Transport

 Bunny Mouse Ladybug Transport
Original Small Format Painting
Colored pencil, watercolor & acrylic paint
Created on tinted Stonehenge paper
Mounted to Canson tinted paper
Painting size: 4”X5⅛”
Overall backer size: 4¾”X6”
Date of work: July 2013
Sold - thank you

Jessica Jack Rabbit feels so fortunate to have such strong legs that give her the ability to help her friends.  She is happy to transport her four ladybug friends and her best friend Marcy Mouse all stacked up on top of her head.  Together they will make it safely and quickly across the meadow.  And when they get to the other side they will enjoy a nice lunch all happily munching on the fresh foliage still moist from last night’s rain.