August 29, 2013

The Friendship Gift

“The Friendship Gift”
Squirrel, Owl and Acorns
Small format watercolor & colored pencil painting - 5⅛"X7½”
Artist’s sketch book (Moleskin) - heavy weight paper - 90lb
Finished with acrylic varnish
Paper size – 5⅛”X7½”
Opening in matt – 5”X7”
August 2013
Sold - Thank you

Sammy Squirrel brings a few of his prize acorns as a gift for his new friend.  Even though Baby Owl doesn’t know what to do with them, he knows it is an honor to accept the gift.  Now he must think of a return gift for Sammy.

August 14, 2013

Kitten Discovers a Higher Power

 Kitten Discovers a Higher Power
Persian cat, bee & flowers
Original 4”X6” painting
Watercolor, pastel pencil & acrylic paint
Created on Stonehenge paper
Date of work: August 2013
Sold - Thank you

One lovely summer’s morning this curious kitten discovers a flying creature making an interesting buzzing noise high above her head.  In amazement she wonders at the insect’s flying abilities.