August 26, 2014

Summer Tanager & Bee

 Summer Tanager & Bee
Small Format Painting - Size: 3½” X 5½”
Watercolor, colored pencil & acrylic paint
Smooth artist’s bristol board
Date of work: August 2014
5”X7” matt with foam core backer included
Sold thank you

After dinning on the luscious nectar of delicate summer flowers, this bee turns to go back to the hive and there is a big red summer tanager.  Oh dear, I hope he will be faster on the get away than the tanager is in the chase.

I like to send my original art works done on paper in matts with foam core backers for extra protection in the mail. These matts are ones that I have leftover from my previous art shows so they are not all new and some have been altered with paint to better match the works. They will fit into standard sized frames or they can be easily removed for your own custom re-matting.  There is no extra charge for the matt; it is free of charge to the buyer as long as they last.